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How time flies when you're having fun. DEMM'S has been creating websites for the masses since 2005.
We do all different kinds of sites.

As of late we have been focused on knocking our current private projects out of the park.

So we will be taking on new clients on a case by case basis right now.

Company Info
Company Name DEMM'S
Motto We get our Clients, Their Clients
Located In Franklin, WI
Phone 414.454.9885


We help you with every step including registering your own domain name & finding affordable website hosting and designing your new jaw dropping website. We work with you on expressing your own vision for your website by utilizing the following services and more.
Web Design

A web site will not meet the needs of the organization unless the site meets the needs of the intended users and provides “Quality”. Website development should be user-centered, evaluating the evolving design against user requirements. Ongoing management and maintenance is important to maintain usability.

Search Engine Optimization

A successful website must be promoted online, where the target customers are. There are millions of people online right now typing queries into search engines. Some of them are punching in keywords searching for a business like yours. Can they find you?

Mobile Web Design

Now that there are more mobile devices than desktops searching the internet it would only make sense to include this sector into your marketing. You can either make mobile your secondary option and keep desktop as your primary or be a mobile first operation. Either way we can assist you.

Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is more than just one or two websites now. It all depends on your market as different industries should have different marketing strategies. We specialize in lead generation from the following: Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, and Craigslist and more.



More coming soon.

DEMMS recently finished designing my Appliance Repair Dallas site. The turn out time was quick and they were very professional. Overall i was very pleased.

Henry W., Owner

Appliance Service Co.

Our Team

Since DEMM'S was created in 2005 and has been operating on the hard work of a select few.
Daniel Ellis

The guy who comes up with these out of the box web ventures. Has 17 years of computer experience with 10 of those building DEMM'S. . His goal is to "Make the internet better."

Top Secret
Web Developer

Yes we do have someone who we classify as "Top Secret", top secret weapon to domainate the internet. This person is very proficent in PHP, HTML 5, Wordpress, CMS, and Java.


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   P.O. Box 320931,
Franklin, WI 53132, USA

  + 1 414 454 9885

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